Little Pumpkin

I think Halloween may be my favourite occasion! I just love dressing up, doing makeup and all the decorations. So fun! I whipped up this super cute quick pumpkin pattern to share with all of you. I can’t wait to add it to my Halloween decorating this year.

Materials needed:

  • worsted weight yarn in orange and green
  • 5.00mm hook
  • 9mm safety eyes
  • polyester fibrefill
  • yarn needle


Row 1. ch 26(leaving a long tail for gathering later), starting in 2nd ch from hook, hdc 25 across

Row 2 -30. working in back loop only, hdc 24 across

Fasten off leaving a long tail on this side for gathering as well.


  • using a baste stitch along one long end, gather closed and secure tightly
  • sew closed along the short end
  • attach safety eyes and embroider on a mouth
  • baste the other long end and gather at the top, stuff before closing and secure tightly

Stem – using green(or brown your choice 🙂

Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring

Round 2-6, sc around  (6 sts)

Vine – ch 21, starting in 2nd chain from hook, 2sc in each ch across

  • sew stem and vine onto the top of pumpkin








Emoji pouch

Well it’s back to school time for my kids, and my daughter asked me to make her an emoji pencil case so I thought I would share the free pattern with all of you!

Enjoy and have a great long weekend!



Emoji pouch

Materials needed:

  • t-shirt yarn, bulky yarn (I used Bernat home maker)
  • 6.00mm hook
  • zipper(optional)
  • Fabric f


  1. ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 28, sc 3 in last ch, now working along the opposite side of chain sc 28, sc 2 in last chain
  2. (do not turn and chain 1) sc 62 around
  3. continue crocheting around for 15 more rounds (17 rows total or approx 4.5″ tall


heart eyes – in magic ring, sc, hdc, 2 dc, sl st, 2 dc, hdc, sc, sl st to first st

mouth – I used a bit of scrap worsted weight black yarn
– in a magic ring, sc 4, ch 1 and turn, 2sc in each st across ( you will have a little   half moon shape


  • Sew the eyes and mouth on centered on the pouch, you can experiment with making some of the other emoji faces.
  • add a lining and/or zipper for a cute back to school pencil case




Watermelon Slice

watermelonWatermelon slice

Materials Needed

  • worsted weight yarn
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 6mm safety eyes
  • fibrefill
  • yarn needle

Round 1. 8 sc in magic ring

Round 2. 2sc in each st around (16 sts)

Round 3. [sc 1, 2sc in next] repeat around  (24 sts)

Round 4. [sc 2, 2sc in next] repeat around (32 sts)

Round 5. [sc 3, 2sc in next] repeat around (40 sts)

Round 6. [sc 4, 2sc in next] repeat around (42 sts)

Round 7. [sc 5, 2sc in next] repeat around (56 sts)

Round 8. [sc 6, 2sc in next] repeat around (64 sts)

Round 9. switch to white, sc around (64 sts)

Round 10. switch to green, sc around (64 sts) Fasten off.

-add safety eyes between the 6th and 7th row, 3 spaces apart

-embroider on a mouth and some seeds


Round 1. ch 3, starting in second chain from hook, sc 2

Round 2. 2sc in each st (4 sts)

Round 3.  sc across (4 sts)

Round 4. 2sc, sc 2, 2sc (6 sts)

Round 5-30. sc across (6 sts)

Round 31. sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog (4 sts)

Round 32. sc across (4 sts)

Round 33. [sc2tog] 2x (2sts)Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing onto the top

-Sew the bottom on and don’t forget to stuff!

Enjoy your cute little watermelon slice!




Materials needed:

  • #3 light weight yarn
  • 3.75mm hook
  • 9mm safety eyes
  • Stitch marker
  • yarn needle
  • stuffing
  • scrap yarn or embroidery thread for finishing touches


  • pattern is worked in the round, no joining at end of each round
  • when crocheting the body you will have skipped sts and chains, they will create a hole. the arms and legs will be crocheted off those holes.
  • Stuff body and tail as you work

Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring  (6 sts)
Round 2. 2sc in each st around  (12 sts)
Round 3. sc, (2sc)3x, sc 3, (2sc)3x, sc 2  (18 sts)
Round 4. sc 3, (2sc)3x, sc 6, (2sc)3x, sc 3  (24 sts)
Round 5-7. sc around  (24 sts)
Round 8. sc 3, (sc2tog)3x, sc 6, (sc2tog)3x, sc 3  (18 sts)
Round 9-10. sc around  (18 sts)
Place eyes between rows 5 & 6, and between sts 9 &10 and 14 & 15. Stuff head.
Round 11. sc 2, (sc2tog)3x, sc 3, (sc2tog)3x, sc  (12 sts)
Round 12. sc around  (12 sts)

Round 13. sc 2, (2sc)3x, sc 3, (2sc)3x, sc  (18 sts)
Round 14. sc 3, ch 4, sk 4 sts, sc 6, ch 4, sk 4 sts, sc  (10 sts, 2 ch 4 sp)
Round 15. sc 3, (sc 1, 2sc)2x across ch, sc 6, (sc 1, 2sc)2x across ch, sc  (22 sts)
Round 16. sc around  (22 sts)
Round 17-22. sc around  (22 sts)
Round 23. sc 3, (sc 1,sc2tog)2x, sc 6, (sc 1, sc2tog)2x, sc  (18 sts)
Round 24. sc 4, ch 4, sk 4 sts, sc 5, ch 4, sk 4 sts, sc  (10 sts, 2 ch sp)
Round 25. sc 5, sc2tog, sc 7, sc2tog, sc 2  (16 sts)
Round 26. sc around  (16 sts)
Round 27. (sc 6, sc2tog)2x  (14 sts)
Round 28. sc around  (14 sts)
Round 29. (sc 5, sc2tog)2x  (12 sts)
Round 30-31. sc around  (12 sts)
Round 32. sc 5, sc3tog, sc 3, 2sc in last st  (11 sts)
Round 33. sc 4, sc2tog, sc 5  (10 sts)
Round 34. sc 3, (sc2tog)2x, sc 3 (8 sts)
Round 35. sc 2, (sc2tog)2x, sc 2 (6 sts)
Round 36-38. sc around ( 6 sts)

Fasten off, and sew hole closed.


Round 1. Starting with any of the arm/legs holes, join yarn in the last sc before the chains, sc 8 around (8 sts)706.jpg
Round 2. sc2tog, sc 6  (7 sts)
Round 3-6. sc around (7 sts)
Round 7.  2sc in each st around  (14 sts)
Round 8-9.
sc around  (14 sts)

Stuff arm and hand and whipstitch the end closed. Repeat for each arm/leg.707.jpg


  • embroider 3 toe seperations
  • add zigzags, polka dots, lines or whatever your heart desires down the back
  • embroider on a mouth
  • eyelid- ch 4, sew the chain on the top of safety eye as shown to make an eyelid



Easter Basket

Easter Basket Pattern


Materials needed

  • worsted weight yarn in any colour of your choice
  • approx 30 ft of rope(length will vary depending on rope thickness and desired size of basket)
  • 5.00mm hook
  • tapestry needle



Round 1. starting with yarn only, sc 6 in magic ring (6 sts)

Round 2. now you will add in the rope,all stitches from now on will be made around the rope, holding the rope along the working edge, 2sc in each st around (12 sts)

Round 3. 2sc in each st around (24 sts)

Round 4. (sc 1, 2sc in next st)repeat around (36 sts)

Round 5. (sc 2, 2sc in next st)repeat around (48 sts)

Round 6. (sc 3, 2sc in next st)repeat around (60 sts)

Round 7. (sc 4, 2sc in next st)repeat around (72sts)

Circle should measure approx 6″across, but depending on the circumference of your rope it may be smaller or larger. You can add rounds by increasing each round by 12 until desired size is achieved.


Round 8. you will stop increasing and start building the sides of the basket now. sc in each st around

Round 9-18. sc around, again depending on the size of the rope you can add or reduce the amount of rows until desired height is acheived. I stopped with a height of 4.5″


Edging – Crab stitch around the top edge of basket



  • Cut a length of rope 14″ long
  • with yarn tie a knot around one edge of rope, slip hook under the yarn, and pull through a loop, ch 1
  • sc(around rope) across the length of the rope, ch 2, working back along the other side of rope place a sc(around rope) between each st from the other side
  • securely attach each end of handle on the inside of basket









Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern


Download PDF pattern

Materials Needed

  • worsted weight yarn in green and some scraps of black and pink for face
  • 5.00mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • polyester fiberfill
  • 6mm safety eyes

Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring (6sts)
Round 2. 2sc in each st around (12 sts)
Round 3. (sc 1, 2sc in next st) repeat around (18 sts)
Round 4. (sc 2, 2sc in next st)repeat around (24 sts)

Make 2 circles from round 1 – 4 do not fasten off


Round 5. starting with 1 circle sc 6, ch 2, join to other circle on the 12th st, sc 6, ch 2 (12 sts, 4 ch sp)

Round 6. now working in the round for the leaf, sc around in the 12 sts and 4 chs from previous rnd. (16 sts)
Round 7. sc around (16 sts)
Round 8. (sc 3, 2sc in next (repeat around (20 sts)
Round 9. sc around (20 sts)
Round 10. sc2tog, sl st 4 times, (sc2tog)3x, sl st 4 times, (sc2tog)2x  -Leaving a long tail stitch the end closed


2nd leaf – using the remaining loop, repeat round s 5-10 on the opposite side

3rd  leaf– join yarn in corner st and repeat rounds 5-10

-close the holes on the sides of leafs (the holes may seem large but no worries they close up nicely)
-place eyes as shown and embroider on a mouth some little pink cheeks


4th leaf – join yarn in opposite corner and repeat rounds 5-10, sew one side hole closed



Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring
Round 2-12. sc around

stuff and sew stem on the open hole on the bottom of your clover



Dinky Drink


Petkin Dinky Drink

Pencil Holder/Cup Sleeve

Materials Needed:

  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn in mint, brown, yellow, white and black
  • 5.00mm and 4.00mm hooks
  • Yarn needle
  • Plastic cup


  • 5.00mm – 12sts by 12 rows 3” x 3”


  • Fits a standard 16 oz disposable or plastic cup, gauge is important to fit cup
  • Working in the round do not join unless otherwise noted


Main Body – Using mint and 5.00mm

Ch 30 , join with sl st in first ch to form ring making sure not to twist chain(place stitch marker if needed)

Round 1. ch 1 , sc in same ch as sl st, sc each each ch around  (30 sts)
Round 2. sc around.  (30 sts
Round 3. [2sc in next st, sc 14] rep 2x (32 sts)
Round 4-5.  sc around (32 sts)
Round 6. [2sc , sc  15] rep 2x  (34 sts)
Round 7 – 8.  sc across  (34 sts)
Round 9. [2sc, sc 16] rep 2x (36 sts)
Round 10 – 11. sc around (36 sts)
Round 12. [2sc, sc17] rep 2x (38 sts)
Round 13 – 14. sc around (38 sts)
Round 15. [2sc, sc 18] rep 2x (40 sts)
Round 16. switch to brown and now working in third loop of sc, sc around (40 sts)
Round 17. sc around (40 sts)
Fasten off.

Ears– using yellow 4.00mm (make 2)

Turn and chain 1 at end of each row

Row 1. ch 4 , sc in 2nd ch , sc 2  (3 sts)
Row 2. sk  first  st, sc 2  (2 sts)
Row 3. sk  first  st , sc  (1 sts)
Fasten off. Attach to top of main body as shown

Snout – using white 4.00mm

Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring
Round 2. 2sc in each st (12 sts)
Round 3. 2sc in next st, sc 5, 2sc in next st , sc 5  (14sts)
Round 4. sc around  (14 sts)
Fasten off. Stuff and attach to body as shown

Eyes – using black 4.00mm (make 2)

Row 1. 4 sc in magic ring, pull closed lightly until semi circle shape, turn and ch 1
Row 2. 2sc in each st across (8 sts)
Fasten off. Embroider white as shown.

Attach eyes and embroider eyelashes, whiskers, nose and mouth as shown

Please enjoy this free pattern for Shopkins Drinky Drink cup holder!

Download the PDF version here Petkin Dinky Drink