Easter Basket

Easter Basket Pattern


Materials needed

  • worsted weight yarn in any colour of your choice
  • approx 30 ft of rope(length will vary depending on rope thickness and desired size of basket)
  • 5.00mm hook
  • tapestry needle



Round 1. starting with yarn only, sc 6 in magic ring (6 sts)

Round 2. now you will add in the rope,all stitches from now on will be made around the rope, holding the rope along the working edge, 2sc in each st around (12 sts)

Round 3. 2sc in each st around (24 sts)

Round 4. (sc 1, 2sc in next st)repeat around (36 sts)

Round 5. (sc 2, 2sc in next st)repeat around (48 sts)

Round 6. (sc 3, 2sc in next st)repeat around (60 sts)

Round 7. (sc 4, 2sc in next st)repeat around (72sts)

Circle should measure approx 6″across, but depending on the circumference of your rope it may be smaller or larger. You can add rounds by increasing each round by 12 until desired size is achieved.


Round 8. you will stop increasing and start building the sides of the basket now. sc in each st around

Round 9-18. sc around, again depending on the size of the rope you can add or reduce the amount of rows until desired height is acheived. I stopped with a height of 4.5″


Edging – Crab stitch around the top edge of basket



  • Cut a length of rope 14″ long
  • with yarn tie a knot around one edge of rope, slip hook under the yarn, and pull through a loop, ch 1
  • sc(around rope) across the length of the rope, ch 2, working back along the other side of rope place a sc(around rope) between each st from the other side
  • securely attach each end of handle on the inside of basket